I have been asked so many times in e-mail messages about how the DailyWOW mailing list got started… On September 25th, 1996 I sent out the following quote to about 20 of my friends on the internet, just to try out some mailing list software:

“Hands that work are more blessed than Lips that pray” Howard W. Hunter This was one of my favorite quotes and I didn’t even have the reference to it. I just wrote it down at a Christmas devotional when he was Prophet. My friends seemed to like it, so I told them I would try to send one out each day. As I was playing with the mailing list software filtering, I realized that I could set it up so people could sign themselves up on this list and, whenever I would check my mail, The program would automatically send a welcome letter and add them to the list. Well…the list started growing by the tens, then hundreds, then by the thousands. I have, since those early days, moved the list to my server so that welcome messages come back to new subscribers right away. Over the years we have added additional web content, and then a search engine for all the archived quotes. The search engine died for a few years, but is back now with the help of the More Good Foundation. There are many WOW volunteers who are helping DailyWOW get out to the world. I began this list just for fun, however please let me take a moment to let you know how my heart and life has changed since this list began. I have had a ton of thank you mail arrive in my e-mail box. Please take a moment to read a couple of them. I know how much this list means to thousands of people in over 30 countries around the world who are DailyWOW members. The list is growing at a steady rate and was even mentioned in the book “Mormons on the Internet”, published in 1997 . I was invited to give a talk during a church Public Relations conference in the Joseph Smith Building on April 16th, 1999. It was an honor to discuss how the DailyWOW list has touched so many lives every day to leaders and employees of the Church. We have since sent out DailyWOW in other languages at one time nearly 6 additional translations were available. I am so very pleased to be a part of so very many people’s lives as they are touched by the spirit as they read these quotes. The Lord can even touch people’s hearts over the internet. I look forward to many more years of service.


This is your inspirational quotes mailing list. Every day you will receive FREE uplifting quotes from Latter-day Saint General Authorities and others. DailyWOW is run by volunteers who love what they do. Please take a moment to thank all of these folks for their hard work.

W.Denis Nurmela

The WOW founder. “I love the work that I do with this DailyWOW list. I am grateful that it has touched the hearts of so many. I am married with 6 lovely children in Southern California. We also are now grandparents too. Please read the comments from so many DailyWOW list members on the websites. So much good has come from the dedicated work of all of the DailyWOW volunteers listed here on this page.” Denis is also very involved with a non-profit organization that provides an opportunities for child prodigy musicians to perform in high profile venues.  E-mail Denis

Sheila DuBois.

HI! I really enjoy helping Denis with sending out the quotes. I live in West Jordan, Utah and I love living here! I am in the Heritage Utah Stake 10th ward. I am married to a wonderful guy! He is a Firefighter where we live. We are blessed with 3 boys. Derek: He has Autism, Tourettes Syndrome, and seizures. He is a very loving boy and acts a lot like a normal teenager! I can hardly believe it! Robbie also has Autism. He is a loving boy also. Mike Died Sept 11, 1992 from Cancer — he had a Brain Tumor. There is one thing that has helped sustain me with all these challenges and THAT is my Faith. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know that Jesus Christ is OUR Brother and that he is my Saviour and that he LOVES ME. Send Sheila E-Mail

Abraham Menes

The Spanish WOW quote sender “I live at México City, I work for a Manufacturing company as a Systems manager, I have been member since 1964, I was sealed to my wife Flor at the Salt Lake Temple, in 1984. I have four children, two of them married, I like computers and enjoy sending and translating the nice quotes, Denis prepares” E-Mail Abraham

Don O. Thorpe

DailyWOW Webmaster. “I really enjoy working with Denis and the rest of the team. I am a Web site designer, freelance photographer, digital artist and writer. I have photographed and written articles for the LDS church for many years, and love working with gospel oriented subjects. My wife Catherine is from Paris, France and has translated every General Conference since she joined the Church. She also teaches French in her own school, VIVE LA FRANCE, and holds French daycamps for children. We have 5 children, and live in Salt Lake City.” Send Don E-Mail

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